Dating after weight loss

dating after weight loss

Did you get more attention after you lost weight?

I did get more attention after I lost weight. But the most attention came when I got my bodyfat below 10% , then people really paid attention. People in the gym would always ask me how, and the answer was always the same-my diet, diet, and more dieting.

Did you lose friends after you lost the weight?

Its sad, but I actually lost a few friends after I lost the weight. They didnt have their fat friend around to make themselves feel better anymore, so they had no use for me.

How has weight loss changed your life?

Ive lost a lot of fat and gained muscle, and Ive noticed that not as many people get in my way. I also get more looks from girls, and girls that wouldnt have talked to me before do now. People dont mess with me either anymore. It did affect something downstairs, if you know what I mean. 1.

Can you lose weight and not be noticed?

Theres no such word as cant. You CAN, its just hard. For those of you that have lost alot of weight tell me if people acted diff. towards you or if you noticed anyother changes with yourself. Did you get more stares? Did your genitals change in size? Did you get negative or jealous reactions fromn friends/family?

Did people treat you differently after you lost a lot of weight?

Did people treat you differently after you lost a lot of weight? - Quora Did people treat you differently after you lost a lot of weight? YES, PEOPLE TREAT YOU COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Does your weight affect the way other people see you?

Once I lost the weight I felt better about myself, and that may well have affected the way other people saw me. How you carry yourself makes a difference, no matter how much you weigh.

What are the perceptions of people after weight loss?

Here are a few perceptions and observations I personally encountered after my drastic weight loss five years ago. People generally treated me with more kindness. I lived in a neighborhood that had a small grocery store. At the grocery store, the same cashiers always seemed to work there.

Does losing weight make you look better?

You see, when most people say they want to lose weight, they actually strive to improve their health and look better. The thing is, if you want to accomplish such feats, you shouldn’t strive for weight loss. Instead, set your sights on fat loss. Thats because losing weight doesnt necessarily improve health and appearance, but losing fat does.

Youll live a longer, healthier life. Lets be honest, weight loss isnt only about fitting into your skinny jeans—thats just the cherry on top of knowing that youll be around for your loved ones for a long time to come. Do you want help losing weight? Apply here for our Live Longer & Stronger Challenge.

Do you have to change your diet to lose weight?

When will I notice weight loss?

nother factor determining when you will notice weight loss is how you perceive your own weight, and this can vary quite a lot between people. If you find it harder to see or acknowledge that you have lost weight, it may take you longer to lose an amount that feels significant.

Is it normal to lose weight and not know it?

Unexplained weight loss, or losing weight without trying, can be a cause for concern. It might indicate an underlying condition. A good rule of thumb is to see your doctor if you’ve lost a significant amount — more than 5 percent of your weight — within 6 to 12 months.

Why isn’t my weight loss noticeable?

Your starting weight is one factor. Weight loss isn’t noticeable after a certain amount of pounds are lost: It’s noticeable after a certain proportion of body mass is lost. It’s like this… If you lose 5lbs from a weight of 180 lbs, for example, it will be harder to see than a loss of 5lbs from 140lbs.

Do people notice when you lose weight on your face?

On the flip side, some people wont even notice that youve lost any weight. The reason: You need to shed about 9 pounds before it becomes noticeable in your face. And unless youre a lifeguard or walking around without any clothes, thats the part of your body that recent research says people notice the most when it comes to weight loss .

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