Who is adele dating right now

who is adele dating right now

Are rich and Adele dating in 2021?

Rich and Adele were first linked together back in May 2021, per the New Yorker. Now, in new interviews with Vogue and British Vogue, Adele gushed about how happy she is with her new beau. Rich just incredibly arrived, she said.

Who is Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul?

Who is Adeles boyfriend? Adele is currently dating American sports agent Rich Paul. Although they went official in September 2021, they were seen hanging out together as early as May 2021 and Paul said in a New Yorker profile at the time that hed been hanging out with a pop star.

Does Adele have a relationship with Skepta?

Adele had known Skepta for a long time before that, though, posting an Instagram of him captioned “Tottenham boy” and a heart emoji way back in 2016 (both artists are from Tottenham in London). Add a comment... Instagram And 30 ’s dating songs are about somebody that Adele was involved with after Konecki and before Paul.

What are Adele’s ‘30s dating songs’ about?

And 30 ’s dating songs are about somebody that Adele was involved with after Konecki and before Paul. “ [It] was a great learning curve and nice to feel loved, but it was never going to work,” she told Rolling Stone about the relationship, in part because it was long-distance.

Are Adele and Rich Paul dating?

So far, the singer has been linked to Rich Paul and rapper Skepta. Are Adele and Rich Paul dating? Rumors started surfacing back in July that Adele and Paul were an item, and a source went as far as confirming it to Page Six saying the pair are “100 percent” dating.

Is Adele dating in 2021 after divorce?

ADELE’s dating life has been making headlines in 2021 after her divorce was Simon Konecki was finalized. So far, the singer has been linked to Rich Paul and rapper Skepta.

What happened to Adele’s married life?

Adele has had a whirlwind few years. In 2019, Adele announced her divorce from Simon Konecki, whom she had been with since 2011. They got married in 2018, and they have one son together, Angelo James, who was born in 2012. The divorce was finalized in early 2021, and it inspired her latest album, 30 .

Are Adele and Chris Paul still together?

While Adele and Paul may not have been on official terms back in May when the profile was published, a source confirmed to Page Six that they were “100 percent” together by July. According to a separate source who spoke to People after news of their NBA Finals date, the pair had officially been an item for “a few months” by then.

In his new album Insomnia, Skepta is said to be rapping about Adele on the track Mic Check, according to The Sun. The star raps the lyrics: Can you handle the fame?

Did Adele introduce Skepta to James Corden?

What is Adele’s new album 30 about?

As her first album since the release of her 2015 studio album 25 six years prior, 30 centres on Adeles divorce, motherhood, fame, heartache, acceptance, and hope.

Is it difficult for Adele to sing 30 live?

Audacy Check In: Adele says the raw emotion of 30 can be difficult to sing in a live setting. Audacy. Retrieved 22 November 2021. ^ Krol, Charlotte (8 October 2021). Adele worked with Max Martin and Little Simz producer Inflo on new album. NME. Archived from the original on 8 October 2021. Retrieved 8 October 2021.

Is Adele 30 an old fashioned sound that recalls the Golden Age?

^ Hodgkinson, Will (17 November 2021). Adele 30 review – an old fashioned sound that recalls the golden age of Hollywood. The Times. Retrieved 17 November 2021.

Who has Adele dated?

Adeles dating history includes ex-husband Simon Konecki and NBA agent Rich Paul. WireImage Adele has kept mum over the years when it comes to her relationships, preferring to share the joys and sorrows of love through her music.

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