Zone valve hook up

zone valve hook up

How does a zone valve on a boiler work?

Properly wired, the individual thermostat calls for heat, the zone valve opens, when the valve is fully open an end switch in the valve connects a second pair of wires that turn on the circulator pump back at the boiler. Photo below, (reader contributed) illustrates typical wiring connection at two zone valves.

What does the yellow wire go to on a zone valve?

Yellow wire connections at the zone valve: the pair of yellow wires on a zone valve are the zone valve motor actuator control. One yellow wire connects to the C terminal on the low voltage transformer. The second yellow wire connects to a heat on wire from the room thermostat.

What terminal is the common wire on a Honeywell zone valve?

The Common wire, NOT the Load side of the low-voltage transformer is taken to Terminal #2 on the White Rogers and The Common is taken to the Yellow Honeywell zone valve wire. The other yellow wire is common to the thermostat. The correct wiring depends on the zone valve models.

How does a zone valve switch work on a thermostat?

The second yellow zone valve wire normally connects to the C terminal (Common) on the low voltage transformer. When the thermostat calls for heat its acting as a low-voltage (24VAC) on switch that takes voltage from the low voltage transformer, through the thermostat, to the zone valve actuator motor.

How to install zone valves?

How to Install a Zone Valve in Your Heating System Step 1 – Locate Your Boiler Room. Step 2 – Locate Your Broken Valve. Step 3 – Shut Off Your Water. Step 4 – Remove the Power Head. Step 5 – Remove the O-Rings. Step 6 – Align the New Power Head. Step 7 – Turn On the Water.

How does a zone zone valve work on a hot water heater?

Zone Valves on Indirect-Fired Domestic Hot Water Heaters. A separate loop of piping conducts water from a nearby heating boiler, through the coil in the bottom of the indirect fired water heater tank (thus transferring heat to water in the water heater tank), and back to the heating boiler.

How does a Honeywell thermostat zone valve work?

A mechanical stop built into the valve. The Honeywell motor energizes and the zone valve rotates to the mechanical stop (in the open position). The motor remains energized until the thermostat (call for heat) opens and de-energizes the Honeywell motor.

How do I switch multiple zone valves with one thermostat?

For switching multiple zone valves with one thermostat you may need to have the thermostat control a switching relay that in turn switches the gang of multiple zones. A typical switching relay such as the Taco SR502 - 506 can swit3ch 4 zone valves or more. TACO (Canada), Ltd., 8450 Lawson Road, Unit #3, Milton, Ontario L9T 0J8.

How many zones can one thermostat control?

Normally one thermostat controls one heating zone and is connected to one zone valve. But as the thermostat is basically an on-off switch, indeed weve discussed with readers the successful combining of more than one zone valve switched by the same thermostat.

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