Who is landon dating in legacies

who is landon dating in legacies

Can Landon and Hope get back together in legacies?

Legacies has repeatedly sidelined the stories of other characters to bring the series back to Landon and Hope, and learning that the pair can never be together (intimately, at least) is an odd way to end the drawn-out story. That said, all hope is not lost for the pair.

Is Landon a Phoenix in legacies?

Initially, when the character was introduced, Landon was thought to be a normal human. Then, way back near the end of season 1, being killed by MG gave sufficient weight to Landons Legacies story arc for the character to discover that he was, in fact, a Phoenix, as he rose from the ashes and revived himself.

Do Josie and Landon end up together?

They officially become a couple as Landon refers to himself as her boyfriend. However, with the return of everyones memories of Hope, Landon eventually comes to the decision that he loves Hope and breaks up with Josie. Despite their breakup, Landon wants to remain friends and Josie accepts.

What happened to Landon in the originals?

While embracing and kissing Hope, Landon seemingly caused both himself and Hope to rise off of the ground and remained mid-air for a few seconds before the pair fell back down to the ground. Flight: Phoenixes can produce wings of fire from their backs that enable them to fly. In The Originals, Landon had the typical weaknesses of a human.

Do Landon and hope make up onlegacies?

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Legacies Season 3, Episode 4, Hold On Tight, which aired Thursday on The CW. On the previous episode of Legacies, Landon and Hope made up after Hope saved Landon’s musical by stepping in to sing the final song.

Does Landon come back from the dead in legacies?

Although Legacies season 4 did technically bring Landon back from the dead, the series needs to revive him for good to fix Hope’s character transformation.

Are fans upset that Landon and Hope got back together?

There are fans who are upset that Landon and Hope got back together -- after all, many were hoping that Hope and Josie would be a thing in this season.

Does Landon come back to life in Dark Souls 2?

As a grief-stricken Hope threatens the Necromancer, Landon comes back to life unscathed, to both her and Landon’s surprise. They quickly deduce they’ve been sent to a prison world, along with all of Malivore’s monsters, and it saved Landon’s life.

Will Landons story end onthe originals?

And Landon isnt appearing until close to to the end of the shows final season, so with that Hope-centric spinoff still on the table, its entirely possible that Landons story wont finish on The Originals .

What happened to Landon after they kissed?

His current working theory is the spike of adrenaline when they kissed caused something to happen, but so far, hes not been able to reproduce the effects. He notices that shes upset. She explains that she had a dream he was hurt and she couldnt save him. Landon references the prophecy but doesnt believe hes the hero who rises.

What happened to Landon in GTA 5?

At Triad Industries, Landon is holding the dagger while the horseman is trying to take it to the throw into the pit. He injuries Landon, shoves him against a wall and throws the dagger, but Hope intervenes before anything can happen.

What happened to Landons Phoenix?

As of Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Landons phoenix part has been killed with the Golden Arrow and is a mortal human. Self-Resurrection: Phoenixes, such as Landon, have the ability to resurrect from the dead. The body will spontaneously self-combust only for the phoenix to be reborn from the ashes, fully restored.

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