Dating vintage levis 501

dating vintage levis 501

How can you tell if a pair of Levi 501 jeans are vintage?

While the 501 model continues in production, jean collectors look for vintage 501 pairs, identifiable through careful examination of pant details. Examine the jean fabric. New Levi 501 jeans use heavier denim, while other models, including the 200 series, use thinner denim.

What is the value of the earliest pair of Levi’s 501s?

The earliest pair of 501’s that I’ve come across currently for sale is a pair 1902 501XX priced at around 35,000 dollars in a good vintage condition. A nice overview of some (but not all) of the different variations of 501’s since 1873.

How do you date a pair of 501 jeans?

Examining the fabric alone does little to date a pair of 501 jeans; however, during times of cotton shortages, including during the 1970s, jeans made from denim used thinner weaves. The denim also thins on well-worn jeans as washing and wearing reduces the thickness.

How can I tell what year my Levis 501z pants are?

Check the fly opening. A zippered front closure means your pants date to 1954 or after, although for purists a zippered 501 is a 501Z model.

How can you tell if a pair of Levi’s Jeans is vintage?

The top button stamp on this particular pair says ‘4’. Generally, if there’s only one digit (except with ‘R’) the jeans are pre-mid-1970s, which was around the time Levi’s switch to three digit factory codes. On newer Levi’s Vintage Clothing jeans, it’s common to find four digits.

When did Levi’s 501 jeans come out?

This article provides an overall guide to the eight details you should be looking out for when putting a production date to vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, exemplified with this rare pair produced between 1967-1968. Vintage “redline” selvedge denim made by Cone Mills in the 1960s.

How can you tell if a Levi’s 501 is vintage?

Another good indicator (i.e. if the RED TAB isn’t present anymore) of a post-1970’s 501 is the absence of the waist button “V” stitch. A common thing to look for in vintage Levi’s is the small single needle “V”-stitch running along the edge of the button fly.

How can you tell if a pair of Levi’s are real?

Get in close and look at the “E” in “Levi’s” as well, since it should only be capitalized on jeans made before 1971. On the waistband, check the leather patch for any errors. For example, a fake pair of jeans might be off-center or have spelling mistakes.

How do I know if my Levi’s 501 jeans are vintage?

Exposed rivets, belt loops, and no red tab on a pair of repro jeans. Image via The Half Bundle Prince. If so, then your 501’s are produced before 1937 when Levi’s started sewing the rivets beneath the denim to satisfy customer complaints about exposed rivets scratching furniture.

How can I tell what style my Levi’s are?

In modern Levi’s, the style number is often included on the care tag inside the jeans. The presence of a care tag can also help you date your jeans, since they started being added in the 1970s. Compare your jeans to other Levis.

What do the numbers on Levi’s Jeans mean?

The opening 5 in the style number indicates that the jeans are Levi’s highest quality. The two horses are meant to symbolize the strength of the jeans’ rivets.

Are your Levi’s 501s Big E?

The RED TAB from before 1971 is commonly referred to as Big E. If your 501’s are Big E’s please proceed to step 3, if not see 2a. On the left is a Levi’s RED TAB with capital or big “E” (Image via Marvin’s) versus its younger counterpart with the lowercase or small “e” (Image via Basecamp Vintage).

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