Sardinia dating

sardinia dating

Is it easy to live in Sardinia?

Living in Sardinia can be challenging, but it can also be glorious. The food, the sun, the people, the raw nature are all highlights, but we hope we have pointed out some disadvantages too to show that it is not always easy. Remember, if you’re considering living abroad, check out our post about seven things to consider before making up your mind.

Is Sardinia an Italian country?

Sardinia is politically a region of Italy. Its official name is Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Sardinian: Regione Autònoma de Sardigna) (Autonomous Region of Sardinia), and enjoys some degree of domestic autonomy granted by a specific Statute.

Why choose Sardinia for your next holiday?

Good local food and good local wine is the heart and soul of life in Sardinia, enjoyed in comfort. The landscape lends itself to those who want to relax as well – plenty to explore. On the topic of time spent, Sardinia is rich in historical sites and museums that you can spend your time exploring.

When is the best time to visit Sardinia?

Please, consider traveling to Sardinia in the off season too! There are many more things to do on the island than just going to the beach and whether you come in the summer or in the winter, you should make sure to explore it beyond the shoreline.

What is it like living in Sardinia as an expat?

What Is It Like Living In Sardinia As An Expat? Explore the ins and outs of living in Sardinia as an expat: the pros and cons, the cost of living, the best locations and the lifestyle this Italian island is so famous for. Living in Sardinia means a unique blend of lifestyle: island life with a heavy dose of Italian traditions and culture.

How to get to Sardinia?

To reach Sardinia from Switzerland or from other European countries, connections are regular and fast. You can choose a convenient air travel or a relaxing trip by ferry. From the economic and fiscal point of view, Italy guarantees moderated costs in Sardinia. The cost of living in Sardinia can be up to 50% lower than in other Italian cities.

Is Sardinia the right place for You?

One important thing to take away is that life moves much slower on Sardinia, it is an island, and if you are happy with just enjoying a laid back life, it will be the right place for you. Disclaimer: every experience will be different, and these are only our opinions. Where is Sardinia? Sardinia is the second biggest island in Italy (after Sicily).

Is Sardinia expensive to visit?

It does not have to be expensive to visit Sardinia (if you avoid the peak season and tourist hotspots), but the cost of living in Sardinia can be high. When people think of Sardinia, they think of the Costa Smeralda and the luxury resorts, but Sardinia is much more than that.

How many days to visit Sardinia?

How many days do you need in Sardinia? In five days, you’ll have all that you can desire from a holiday in Sardinia: beaches, sun, sea, nature, city and small towns to visit. What is the most beautiful part of Sardinia? From Neptune’s Grotto to Cala Brandinchi, here are the 12 most beautiful and surreal places in Sardinia, Italy.

How long to spend in Sardinia?

Now you know what to do in Sardinia for 6, 7 or 8 days from Olbia. Spend one more day around Capo Testa. For example, you can go to Costa Paradiso (50 min away from Capo Testa) and enjoy the magnificent Li Cossi Beach. If you’re in Northern Sardinia only for 6 days, you should spend less time on Costa Smeralda.

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